Producing/Directing/Writing and Casting

Short Film - Fifteen Years - Writer/Producer

Laurels Bridgewater Film Festival UK - Best International Film 2016

Aura - Casting/Producer

Laurels 4th Understory Film Festival Finalist 2017
Laurels She Shot International Women’s Film Festival 2017 - Winner Best Director

Movie Night - Casting/Director

Laurels 3rd Understory Film Festival Finalist

Unthinkable - Casting/Producer

Laurels 3rd Understory Film Festival Finalist 2016

Sanctuary - Casting/Producer

Laurels Winner – Best Film 6th Understory Film Festival 2019
Laurels Winner – People’s Choice, Port Shorts Film Festival 2019

Short Film - Parrot Ice Tours - Casting/Co-Producer/Actor/Co-Writer

Laurels Winner – Inaugural Understory Film Festival 2014 – Best Film & People’s Choice Film Awards

Lindy Lou - Casting/Co-Producer/Director


Acting work

Shylock, Merchant of Venice

Puck, Midsummer Night's Dream

TV Commercial for Cairns Cabinet Works

Commercial for Trinity Ford Used Cars